Industrial Visit to Knovonat, on 12 Jul 2019

The Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering has arranged a one day Industrial Visit To “Konovonat”, a pet and vet care product manufacturing company in Salem on 12/07/2019.

Around 50 students of second year Pharmaceutical Engineering have visited this manufacturing unit with 2 faculties and were benefited from this visit. On the day of the visit, the manufacturing unit was involved in the production of biscuits for dogs and puppies. The managing director of the company, Mr. Perumal explained the entire process in detail. He also explained the purpose of each ingredient involved in the biscuit formation. Initially the raw materials for the production of the feed is fed into a planetary rotator and is made into thin layer using the sheeter machines, the shapes of the product was done using manual hand punch and is kept into an oven @180ºC. Finally they concluded with the shrink film technique for packing and coding of the products.

The unit is also engaged in the manufacturing of various other formulations such as a lotion called ‘ECTOZ' to prevent the cattle from the infections caused by eco-parasites, Shampoo, Cattle soap, Spray, Feed for pet animals. This visit educated the students with the various techniques like Shrinking, Punching, Packing, and Coding. In addition, the students also got practical knowledge on the machinaries like Wrap-Around Shrink Film Packer, Planetary Rotator, Sheeter Machines, and Barcoding machines.