Science Club – Lecture 05, on 10 Oct 2019

To enhance the scientific knowledge of students, in various spheres of Science and Technology, Science Club Lecture Series was inaugurated in Vinayaka Mission’s Kirupananda Variyar Engineering College by the Principal Dr. A. Nagappan in the year 2018. Fifth-in-line of the Lecture Series, Dr. S. ANUSUYA, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering presented a lecture on DRUG DISCOVERY & DESIGN at the Annapoorani Hi-Tech Laboratory on 10th October 2019 at 3.30 pm. In her talk, she gave an exposure to the science club members about the resistance developed by the pathogenic micro-organisms present in our body due to the continuous uptake of medicines for a prolonged period. She also indicated the need for enhancing the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of the existing drugs. She gave a overall picture about the functioning of pharmaceutical industries through an animated video.