Eleventh Edition Of Science Club – Lecture-03 – A Report, on 10 Jul 2019

In order to motivate students to gain knowledge and exposure in frontier areas of Science & Technology, a Science Club Lecture Series was inaugurated last year by the Principal Dr. A. Nagappan. As a follow-up, a Lecture Programme was arranged, third-in-line of the Lecture Series at the Annapoorani Hi-Tech Laboratory on 10th July 2019 at 3.30 pm. Dr. C. Senthil Kumar, President of the Science Club presented a lecture on SOLITONS. In his talk, he explained the science club members about solitons, which are nonlinear waves having a peculiar property of withstanding their energy for a very long time. He has also indicated that solitons preserve their shape upon collision. It should be noted that the tsunami waves which attacked coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka in 2004 belong to this category. He has also stressed the importance of the study of solitons which find applications in various fields including fiber optic communication, neural networks and in modeling tsunami waves. He has also shown some videos related to the dynamics of solitons, tsunami waves, which has drawn a curiosity among the audience. A total of 52 students from various departments like Biotechnology, Biomedical engineering, Civil engineering, Computer Science and Engineering and Pharmaceutical engineering have actively participated in the programme & raised fundamental questions.