Vission & Mission

Products Developed For Commercial Purposes

1.Mileage Promoter Gear
Mileage Promoter Gear
General public who are riding two wheelers. One of the hot selling products in the market.
2.Edible Water Bubble
Gleegy – Mobile application
Technology ready for commercialization
3.Gleegy–Mobile application
Gleegy – Mobile application
All public can be benefitted to find family and friends locator through mobile.
4.Prepaid Energy meter
Prepaid Energy meter
Kerala Electricity Board, Govt. of Kerala
5.High Frequency Induction Heater
High Frequency Induction Heater
Defense Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
6.Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
High Frequency Induction Heater
VMKV Engineering College
7.Cryogenic Grinding
Cryogenic Grinding
General Public - To grind and store the ginger in powder form for long period of time with original flavor which will increase the taste of the food.
8.Design of Effluent Treatment Plant and Implementation of Aquaponics
Cryogenic Grinding
To Textile industries for the effective removal of the pollutants from the industry effluent and reuse the water for Aquaponics.
9.Intelligent Patient Monitoring System for Physically Challenged
Intelligent Patient Monitoring System for Physically Challenged
VIMS –Hospital, Salem
10.Renewable Energy using Hybrid Technique
Renewable Energy using Hybrid Technique
VMKV Engineering College
11.Parabolic Solar Cooker
Parabolic Solar Cooker
VMKV Engineering College
Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore (DFRL)
VMKV Engineering is Collaborating with Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore for the past 5 years in the area of Food Processing Techniques. In this connection, our Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has recently developed a High Frequency Induction Heater for cooking foods using pressure cookers having a high capacity of 60 litres. DFRL has taken this innovation and this new technology will be launched by the DRDO Chairman shortly. In addition we are currently developing Cryogenic grinding machine, Chapathi Oil spraying and heating system, Solar Induction heater for food processing industries.

Product Developed
Product Developed

Testing of high frequency induction heater with 60 litre pressure cooker on 13.10.2014 with DFRL Scientist.