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Funding Research Projects - Ongoing

Sl. NoName of the Department / FacultySanctioned YearNo of Projects Amount Sanctions in Rs.Amount Received in Rs.Funding AgencyTitle of the Project
1MBA2016-17 110,00,00010,00,000Indian Council for Social Science Research Corporate Governance Practices and Corporate Financial Performance of Manufacturing Firms in India – An Empirical Study
2VMKVEC2016-17 22,31,3502,31,350 MSME - Centre of Excellence, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  1. Development of Ac And Refrigeration Using Exhaust Heat From 4 Stroke Engine
  2. Extraction of High Value Biomolecules from Food Wastes
3VMKVEC2016-17 743,51,60043,51,600 Ministry of MSME, GoI, New Delhi
  1. Mileage Promoter Gears (MPG)
  2. Design and fabrication of leg holder for supporting rural woman in labor process.
  3. Effective bio-degradation of waste polyethylene using potent microbial strains and its methodology based applications
  4. Design of textile effluent treatment plant & implementation of aquaponics
  5. Edible water bubble and its formulated products
  6. Application of Enzyme extracted from Aloe Vera plant in textile, leather and paper industries.
  7. Cryogenic grinding with unaltered qualities of spices
4VMKVEC2017-18210,75,000- Ministry of MSME, GoI, New Delhi
  1. Advanced women safety system for physical harassment and acid attacking
  2. Enhanced blind view accident avoidance system for vehicles
5ECE2017-18552,00052,000 Department of Science and Technology & Texas Instruments
  1. Manoeuvrable neonatal intensive care unit
  2. Cardiac infarction detector using walking stick
  3. Feedback ICANE for stroke patient
  4. Design of blood glucose measurement with health management system