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Patents Published

S.NoDepartmentInventors-NamePatent TitlePatent Application NumberFile Date
1Mechanical EngineeringDr. S. NatarajanGeneration Of Power From Speed Breakers By Using A Hydraulic Circuit4286/CHE/201524.02.2017
2Biomedical EngineeringDr.D.Vinod KumarAn Automated Iot Based Agriculture Monitoring System With Plurality Of Sensors To Detect Parameters Related Thereoff20194104955820.12.2019
3Biomedical EngineeringDr. A. NagappanNew And Efficient Patient Dependant Density Normalization20184104936203.01.2020
4Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniDesign And Fabrication Of Android Based Hydraulic Jack20194105252703.01.2020
5Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniEfficient Design Of Solar Operated Dish Washing Machine20194105432103.01.2020
6Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniSystem And Method For Managing Sar Value, Quality Of Service And Energy Consumption For Wcdma20201100090010.01.2020
7Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniImproved Method For Energy Efficient Road Side Lamp Utilisation20204100111817.01.2020
8Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniMethod For Emotion Detection Of Mentally Retarded Person Using Machine Learning20204100287924.01.2020
9Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniMethod For Automatic Health Prediction Using Machine Learning20204100271931.01.2020
10Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniMethod For Rush Forward Current Prediction Using Smart Conductors20204100258031.01.2020
11Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniMethod For Improve The Structural Efficiency Of Steel Truss20204100248431.01.2020
12Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniMethod For Energy Recovery System Using Bicycle Fly Wheel20204100238131.01.2020
13Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniSecure Method For Protecting The Sensitive Information For The Mobile Users.20204100346407.02.2020
14Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniReversible Cut Off Connectors For Use In The Combined Construction20204100510814.02.2020
15Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniDesign Of Autonomous 5D Arm Robot For Industrial Application20204100764128.02.2020
16Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniSegmentation Of Surface Cracks Based On A Fully Convolutional Neural Network And Gated Scale Pooling20204100892606.03.2020
17Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniConstruction And Adjustment Of A Vibration Machine Based On A Complete Electrive Drive20204100902606.03.2020
18Computer Science and EngineeringDr. K. SasikalaNovel Switching Agent For Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network Using Lar20204100778506.03.2020
19Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniMethod For Managing The Uplink Radiation And Energy Consumption Of 5G Mobiles20204100932913.03.2020
20Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniA Kernel Oriented Controller Modelling System To Optimize The Convergence Performance In Big Data Analysis20204101027913.03.2020
21Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniEnsembled Multi-Stage Machine Learning Method To Predict Underwater Seismic Rated On Auatic Bhaviour20204100985520.03.2020
22Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniSolar Powered Watering System For Managing Plants In The Balcony Garden20204101785329.05.2020
23Mechanical Engineering"S.Duraithilagar S.Arunkumar"Smart Crushing Cum Moulding Machine For Plastic Components20204101201129.05.2020
24Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniMind Controlled Drone : Using Brain Waves And Deep Learning To Control Drone Through Thoughts20204102495526.06.2020
25Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniTransmission Power And Frequency Based Network Selection Scheme For Minimizing The Harmful Radiation From Gsm Mobiles20204103555604.09.2020
26Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniA Portable Water Filter20204103510204.09.2020
27Computer Science and EngineeringDr. M. NithyaA System And Method For Contactless Fingerprint Scanning And Attendance Process20204103946025.09.2020
28Computer Science and EngineeringDr. S. Senthil KumarA System And Method To Prevent Unconscious Driving Behaviours20204104296809.10.2020
29Computer Science and EngineeringDr. V. AmirthalingamFlight Ticket Price Analysis And Prediction Using Machine Learning20214100578012.03.2021
30Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniObject Identification System For Blind People20211101274802.04.2021
31Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr.T. MuthumanickamA System Based On Neural Network To Refine The Heuristic Data With Image Processing Techniques20214101915007.05.2021
32Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr.T. MuthumanickamAn Artificial Intelligence Based Voice Commanding Glucose Monitoring And Determining System202121019989 04.06.2021
33Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr.T. MuthumanickamA Novel Method And System For Designing Vlsi Circuitry To Optimize The Integrated Circuit Operation20214102008407.05.2021
34Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr.T. SheelaA Novel System Based On Random Sample Consensus (Ransac) For Iris Recognition In Non-Ideal Imaging Conditions20214102378611.06.2021
35Electronics and Communication EngineeringMr.G. SureshkumarA Wearable Article With Sensors And Mi & Ai Modules For Analysing Behaviour Of User202141024071 18.06.2021
36Biomedical EngineeringDr. D. Vinod KumarAn Ai Based Smart Portable Bed With Automated Injecting System And Method Thereof20214102651625.06.2021
37Biomedical EngineeringDr. D. Vinod KumarAn Artificially Intelligent System For Real-Time Monitoring Of Glucose And Other Intravenous (I.V) Infusions20214102692102.07.2021
38Mechanical Engineering"Mr. T. Raja Mr. R. Chandrasekar Mr. P. Arulmani"Composite Material for heavy commercial vehicle body20204101024817.09.2021
39Mechanical Engineering"Mr. T. Raja Mr. R. Chandrasekar Mr. P. Arulmani"A Portable Ice to Water Converter20204101025217.09.2021
40Mechanical EngineeringN.RajanCryogenic grinding with unaltered qualities of spices20204101025317.09.2021
41Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDr. R. SankarganeshA Diagonisation Technique for prediction and prevention of High Voltage Insulators from Flash Over20204101024717.09.2021
42Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Biotechnology"Dr. R. Devarajan Mr. R. Sathish Mrs. C. Nirmala"Design and Implementation of Bio-Solar Cells based Automatic Irrigation System using IOT Module20204101024917.09.2021
43Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr. T. SheelaArtificial Intelligence for Agriculture Applications20204101024617.09.2021
44BiotechnologyDr.M.Sridevi, Mrs.C.NirmalaSaponin Rich Herbal Formulation For Various Pharmacological Activities20204101024517.09.2021
45BiotechnologyMrs.C.NirmalaDesign Of Textile Effluent Treatment Plant20204101025117.09.2021
46Biomedical EngineeringDr. N. BabuAutomatic Auscultation Using Electronic Stethoscope for Early Detection of Cardiac Diseases20204101025017.09.2021
47BiotechnologyMrs.C.NirmalaExtraction of Polyunsaturated Fattyacids from Fish Wastes20204101025417.09.2021
Patents Granted

S.NoDepartmentInventors-NamePatent TitlePatent Application NumberFile Date
1Biomedical EngineeringDr. A. NagappanRailed Stretcher Table for Hospitals313534-001Feb-19
2Biomedical EngineeringDr. A. NagappanStretcher Bed313534-002Dec-19
3Management StudiesDr. B. RajnarayananGreen Human Resources Management Practices for Healthcare Organizations under stressful COVID-19202010118930.07.2020
4Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniSmart School Bag For Assisting And Protecting The School Students By Tracking The Geographical Location202010217808.09.2020
5Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniThe Severity Level And Early Prediction Of Covid - 19 Using CEDCNN Classifier202010263107.10.2020
6Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniBucket With Hanger Support For Water Heating Immersion Rod327495-00116.10.2020
7Computer Science and EngineeringDr. M. NithyaA Deep learning technique to recognise brain activity by fMRI and DTI image fusion202010297723.10.2020
8Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniMethod for minimising the Time consumption in software Testing Process202010331008.11.2020
9Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniAI Enabled Assistive technology development for visually ompaired people using deep learning202010334110.11.2020
10Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniCrop Health Monitoring System Using IoT and Machine Learning202110053828.01.2021
11Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniArtificail Intelligence Based Cooling System for Managing the Energy Efficiency202110096021.02.2021
12Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniA Multi- Faceted Optimization algorithm for Deep learning Alternative to Gradient Descent. 202110073806.02.2021
13Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniMethodology for Detecting Disease in Plants using image Processing Technique.202110095219.02.2021
14Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniDeep learning bsed system for the detection of COVID - 19 Infection202110000710.03.2021
15Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniMethod for optimising the performance of data learning convergence with minimal computational steps202010376610.03.2021
16Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniFabrication of Novel Cylindrical Thermosyphon for effective heat transfer and its performance analysis using Machine Learning Approach202010377110.03.2021
17Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniMethod For Predicting The Remaining Life Time Of A bridge202010407610.03.2021
18Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniMethodology for the Detection of Bone Fracture in Humans Using Neural Network.202110132514.03.2021
19Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniArtificial Indtelligent System For Predicting The Hard Disk Failure202110015624.03.2021
20Civil EngineeringDr.T.Subramani Development of Anodroid Based Auto car Jack using Internal Car Power202110193114.04.2021
21Civil EngineeringDr.T.Subramani Metod for Monitoring the Bridge using IOT202110199518.04.2021
22Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniThe Computer aided Diagnosis (CAD) system for the Detection of Alzheimer Disease using MRI Real Images202110172505.05.2021
23Civil EngineeringDr.T.SubramaniMethodology for solving the issues in the Textile Industry202110274521.05.2021
24Civil EngineeringDr.T.Subramani Method for Minimizing the Battery power Usage in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks202110244009.06.2021
Patents Filed

S.NoDepartmentInventors-NamePatent TitlePatent Application NumberFile Date
1.Mechanical EngineeringDr. S. NatarajanA Hill holder sevice having selectable bidirectional clutch mechanism20214100907204.03.2021
2.Electronics and Communication EngineeringMr.G. SureshkumarA Wearable Article with Sensors and MI & AI Modules for Analysing Behaviour of User20214102407130.05.2021
3.Civil EngineeringDr. T. SubramaniAn artificial intelligence and IOT based system for accessing civil infrastructure202110458527.07.2021
4.Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr.T. MuthumanickamAn Electronics Machine for Vibration Measurement20880819.10.2021